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Performance of Effective Microorganisms (EM) on Growth and Yields of Selected Vegetables

The Technology Of Effective Microorganisms
Case Studies of Application by U.R.Sangakkara

Study on the Plant Growth Hormones by Ho In-Ho and Kim Ji-Hwan

PDF Files about EM and Microbial Innoculation:

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The Technology of Effective Microorganisms - Concept and Philosophy: Professor Teruo Higa

EM Waste Treatment: Material Safety Data Sheet

EM Soil Ammendment: Material Safety Data Sheet

How to make Activated EM, EM Bokashi, and EM-5

Research: Effectiveness of EM on Solid Waste in Nepal

Research: EM Projects in the USA

Landfill Application Rates

Preliminary Experiment of EM Technology on Wastewater Treatment - Indonesia 1994
(low quality fax original)

EM Treatment on Sadat City Sewage Water - Egypt 1997
(low quality fax original)

Experiences with EM in the Phillipines - Agriculture 1996

Effective Microorganism Technology in Indonesia

EM Toxicity Report - Phillipines

EM Seed Germination Vigor - Brazil

Effects of EM on Weed Population, Weed Growth, and Tomato Production

Purification of Wastewater with Effective Microorganisms and its Utilization in Agriculture - Japan

Research on The Technology of Effective Microorganisms in Sri Lanka

Phytopthora Resistance of Tomato Plants Grown with EM Bokashi - Japan

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